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Elegant Spring Chicago Engagement • Rebecca & Ben • Chicago, IL

March 18th, 2018

Happy Tuesday, Friends! I sincerely hope that all of you had a safe and relaxing holiday weekend. The weather is warm, summer is nearly upon us, and I for one am here for it. One thing that I’m looking forward to doing more in the summer is traveling. I recently traveled to the Chicago and I’m elated to share Rebecca and Ben’s Elegant Chicago Engagement session with all of you, today!

Rebecca and Ben’s love story began in East Lansing, MI. Becca was finishing her last year at Michigan State University and Ben was working his first job in Lansing. After several weeks of trying to convince Becca to go out on a date with him, Ben finally convinced her to go on a date at Green Dot Stables. As this was their first official date, Ben arrived to pick Becca up a half hour early. He waited in the parking lot to be certain he was not late. Because they had never went on a date before, Becca did not yet trust Ben. SO she had her roommates secretly come to the restaurant to keep an eye on Ben. Becca could see her roommates, as they sat at a table within her view, but Ben’s back was facing them and had absolutely no clue. Turns out, Becca’s roommates weren’t needed at all! They ended up talking for over three hours! To the point Becca’s roommate texted her to make sure she was still doing ok. Becca was, in fact, doing ok. She was more than ok because she had an amazing first date with Ben! After 10 months of dating Becca got a job in Chicago and moved states to start her career. After four months of long-distance dating Ben made the move to Chicago and the rest, as they say, is history.

Fast forward to February 2022. One Sunday morning Ben asked Becca to Brunch. As Becca was getting ready he secretly traveled to North Avenue Beach to meet up with a photographer, where he had planned to propose to Becca. During the proposal set up Becca texted Ben asking where he was, because he was late to pick her up. He quickly rushed to finish setting up and hopped in his car to go pick up Becca for brunch. At this point, in her own words, Becca was a little “hangry.” On their way to brunch, Ben mentioned they would have to park at North Avenue Beach since that was the closest parking to the restaurant were they were going. Once they got to North Avenue Beach Ben mentioned they were “a little early” for their reservation and asked if they could take a walk along the water. Becca was still hungry and a little reluctant to agree to go on the walk, as it was muddy and cold, but after some convincing Becca followed Ben towards the water. As they turned the corner toward the water there was a big “Marry Me” sign with roses on both sides, overlooking the gorgeous Chicago skyline. Becca recalls going into a quick state of shock as Ben got down on one knee and asked her those four little words – “Will you Marry Me?” She said YES, of course!

Becca and Ben: I had SO much fun photographing your engagement in Chicago. The city is so lively and beautiful in the Spring. Almost as beautiful as your love story! We’re only a few short weeks from celebrating and memorializing your wedding at Être Farms, and I simply cannot wait. You’re both such a joy to spend time with and your wedding day is going to be incredible! Enjoy this small glimpse into your elegant Chicago Engagement session.


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