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Kylie & Evan │ Warren Dunes Summer Engagement Session

March 18th, 2018

Happy Thursday, Friends! Thrilled to share Kylie and Evan’s Warren Dunes Summer Engagement Session with all of you today!

In the summer of 2020, Evan moved to St. Joseph, MI to start a new job. This new job just so happened to be right across the parking lot from where Kylie worked at the time and Kylie, after a lot of prayers and conversations, was feeling that God was calling her to stay put in St. Jo and invest in her community. While Evan was getting to know St. Joseph, he decided to get plugged into a church and, unknowingly, began attending the same church as Kylie. Kylie was began to volunteer at church, welcoming visitors and running slides for the services, and eventually found herself auditioning to sing with the worship team. For months, Evan went to the 9:30am service and Kylie (admittedly) slept in, making it just in time for the 11am service. 

By November Kylie was singing on the worship team at church. As Kylie prepared for her very first performance on stage for the 9:30am service Evan, sitting about 10 rows back in attendance, realized that Kylie was the same girl who ignored his message on a dating app a couple weeks prior. After church Evan sent another message to Kylie asking if she had been singing on the worship team that morning, and after several one word responses, he finally convinced her to join him on a lunch date in early December 2020. 

The two met at Cafe Tosi in downtown St. Joseph, and as she crossed the street, Kylie noticed his big smile and dark features, and Evan locked in on her sparkling blue eyes and golden hair. Evan said “hi” in his deep and (according to Kylie) romantic voice, and Kylie melted into a hello hug. It was 35 degrees outside, and with COVID, they had to choose a table outside to shiver, eat, and let the sparks fly. 

On February 14, 2021, after two months of intentional conversations, hiking the dunes of SW Michigan, and several board game nights, Evan’s heart was beating fast and he told Kylie “I Love You”. Immediately following, Kylie responded back, “I Love You, too”. Fast forward through ski trips, cooking dinner together, visits to see family in Kansas City and Florida, late nights of work, learning to play golf together, and many more board game nights, Kylie and Evan couldn’t remember life without each other. They had become best friends and both were confident that marriage was the next step for them. 

On February 14, 2022, Evan took Kylie to the fancy version of their first date, Tosi’s Restaurant. Kylie had a feeling something might happen that night, but the restaurant was crowded, and Evan had other plans in mind and asked her if she’d like to take a walk after dinner. With it being 18 degrees outside, the only logical response was yes. Evan took Kylie to downtown St. Joseph and, walking under the Christmas lights on the bluff, he reminded her that a year ago he had told her he loved her, and that tonight he’d be asking her to become his wife. Evan got down on one knee, asked Kylie to marry him, and she said YES!

Kylie and Evan: your love story is absolutely beautiful! You are so precious and cute, together, and it shows on camera. After spending time with you I can most certainly feel that you two are a perfect match and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for your life, together. Enjoy this small glimpse into your engagement session.


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