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Janelle & Nelson │ Elegant Warren Dunes Beach Engagement Session

March 18th, 2018

Happy Friday, Friends! Excited to share Janelle and Nelson’s Warren Dunes Engagement Session with you, today!

On a cold April morning, in 2016, Janelle was walking down the hall at work when she noticed a “very handsome guy” waiting to be interviewed. After seeing him, she ran back to her coworkers and continued to speak about the “hot mystery man” in the lobby. Nelson ended up being hired in with the same company as Janelle, and had the opportunity to see her everywhere at their workplace. He had thought of the possibility of getting to know her better, but how!? From April until December that year, neither Janelle or Nelson had gotten the courage to ask about seeing each other outside of work. Then one day Janelle found some courage and decided it was “now or never.” She took the leap and asked Nelson to attend the Annual Work Christmas Party with her. Little did they know, their life would forever change…

Growing up, one of Janelle’s favorite past times was Battle Creek’s Hot Air Balloon Festival. It was a special memory for her because balloons of all shapes and sizes would fly right over her childhood home and land in a nearby park. In recent years, the festival has seen a sizable decline in the number of balloons and is nothing like it used to be. After making the decision that he would soon propose to Janelle, Nelson went on to purchase the perfect ring and really began to think of how the proposal would transpire. Knowing about Janelle’s love of hot air balloons, he knew the proposal would have to include them. And so the story of their engagement begins…

After deciding to make the big move from Michigan to Nebraska for work, Nelson surprised Janelle with a trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the dates just so happen to overlap with the annual Balloon Fiesta. As Janelle explained, they they travel A LOT!! Nelson had planned for the right moment to pop the question at the festival, but mother nature had a different idea. Due to freezing temps and high winds, the balloons unfortunately never took off. Although they were disappointed, they continued to enjoy their trip. Back at the hotel, while eating pizza and enjoying a football game, once again, the topic of getting married came up. Janelle let Nelson know he had many opportunities to propose to her. Knowing why they came to New Mexico in the first place Nelson decided to get up, reached in his bag, and pulled out the ring. He got down on one knee and asked Janelle to marry him right there; she said YES of course!

Janelle and Nelson: your love story is SO adorable. During your engagement session, you had mentioned that you were wishing and hoping for a beach engagement session, and didn’t think you’d have the opportunity for one living in Nebraska. I’m happy that we were able to fulfill that wish. Enjoy this small glimpse into your engagement session and I hope you love your images as much as I do.


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