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Courtney & Kyle │ Warren Dunes Engagement

March 18th, 2018

Happy Thursday, Friends! Summer is officially upon us! Our incredible Great Lakes beaches have become the place to be, here in Michigan. Very Excited to share Courtney and Kyle’s Warren Dunes Engagement with you, today!

Some of my favorite things to enjoy on the beach are the sun, the sand, cold drinks, and great music. Fate brought Courtney and Kyle together over one of these life’s simple pleasures: great music. They just so happened to lock eyes at a Brooks & Dunn concert. The rest, you can say, is history.

Three Years later Courtney and Kyle spent time in Nashville with Kyle’s brother, sister, and their significant others. Their first morning in Nashville they decided to grab breakfast and coffee and figure out their plans for the day. Courtney explained that she noticed Kyle wasn’t eating, and he said he “just wasn’t feeling well,” but he’d be up for whatever the group wanted to do. They all decided on checking out a local winery.

Courtney continued to explain that Kyle said his chest was hurting and he was having some trouble breathing. She got on WebMD to look at his symptoms to make sure everything was okay. All signs led to anxiety or panic attacks, so they assumed he was just anxious about being in a new place and needed to calm down a bit. Courtney even had him doing breathing exercises to try to help! Little did she know Kyle had plans to propose that day.

Once they finished getting ready, the group headed toward the winery. They got their wine flights and snacks and brought them to a picnic area in front of a beautiful red barn. They were all talking, laughing, and having a great time. Everyone except Kyle who “still wasn’t up for wine tasting and still didn’t look so good,” according to Courtney.

When they finished their wine, they all decided to go by the red barn and take photos since the set up was so pretty. Courtney and Kyle went first, and when Courtney thought we were done taking photos, she turned to see Kyle down on one knee! He proposed to Courtney in front of the beautiful barn, surrounded by their family and friends. She said YES, of course! Courtney finally knew why Kyle was feeling so weird all morning – he was having a little bit of anxiety about the proposal!

Courtney and Kyle: your love story is SO cute! I had so much fun photographing your engagement and I cannot wait to photograph your wedding at Allure on the Lake, this August! Enjoy this small glimpse into your engagement session!


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